533 M Facebook Users Data Leaked

M stands for Millions

How easy is to find facebook user information online?

There are two different ways you can get the data online. You can pay someone to sell them to you, or you can find the data on your own.

Of course you won’t start your search on google. Google censures that kind of information. You will use an alternative such as duckduckgo.com


Duckduckgo doesn’t store your search queries and your browsing history.

Search Query

In today’s world, if you know how to search something you will eventually find it. I don’t want to share here what exact search term I’ve used to find this data nor share a link from where I got the data. But I will leave a link where you can check if your private data has been compromised.


Send an Email

Now, I am going to send an email to all Croatian citizens who signed into facebook and write some kind of a meaningful email to them all.

Later, I am going to do the same for all UK.

I have just one minor problem, if I send this email from my local mail server – I’ll get banned from sending “spam” emails.

However, there are certain services which you can pay in order to send email in a bulk. You can pay for those kind of services, or you can find them free.

Mailchimp is where you can start.

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