Detailed Instructions

Almost complete procedure of our workflow.

We are doing business with both private and businesses. If you are a business owner then you can choose best plan for your business.

After your successful purchase you will have to download a software which we use to remotely connect to your PC or mac.

Our application is in the form of a single executable file, and it lets you accept incoming remote control connections.

After you’ve downloaded it, double click the file so installation can begin.

Installation is a straight-forward and after it run the software.

Last thing you have to do for us to connect to your computer is to tell us Your ID & Your Password.

Open our Helpzona application and in it look for your id & password.

After we connect, you’ll be able to see everything we do on your computer.

Your privacy is of the upmost importance to us. We are only interested in your computer problem  and how to solve it.

We are going to record our session because of our refund policy , which we will then delete after 48. hours.

If you have additional questions you can visit our FAQ.