Password security tips

Password Security Tips

This article will explain on how to create a strong password and how to manage them.

In today’s world, having a strong password is a must, because your digital life could be stolen in just a few minutes. Please check out our password table to see how strong is your password and how long it would take for a hacker to find it out.

Password Security Table

First tip for creating strong passwords

Use sentences when creating your password, as people are good at remembering situations and/or sentences that present a message we can relate to.

For example :

Ilovedrinkingcoffee“ or „MyComputerIsFast

If you can see , the first password has 19. characters and the second one has 16. Both of them are fairly secure in today’s world.

Use special characters and numbers in your password

Using a special characters, such as @, #, $ or similar enhances your password security. So you can combine them with a sentence or a expression.

For example :

Ilovedrinkingcoffe24/7“ „MyComputerIsFast@365

Just adding a few more characters, symbols and/or numbers to your password improves your security. This makes almost impossible to hack and ensure your data is safe.

Manage your passwords

Today, almost everything needs a password. You could end up with having more then 10. And that is the reason why you should use a password vault.

Never save all your passwords in the same place! If you have many passwords, use password vault. There are several password vaults that can be online and offline. If you are saving passwords on your computer, put a strong enhanced password on that file for anyone who wishes to open it.

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