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Server administration encompasses ownership of reliability, security, continuity and disaster recovery of the core machine that manages business information.

Your server is one of the most crucial parts of your business. When it is working correctly, you don't think about it - but as soon as it starts to run slow, introduce errors, or even stop working altogether, your business can grind to a halt. Far too many servers run on a wing and a prayer. Security vulnerabilities may be rife, old hardware threatens to pack it in, or legacy software may not be supported any longer. Your business runs on the back of its IT infrastructure. Let us review your systems, and provide an expert, informed verdict on what can be improved, what must be changed or fixed immediately, and what is safe to leave for a time.

Outsourcing remote IT support services is a smarter way of doing business. Server administration is provided on pay-as-you-go basis as well as monthly packages for the number of hours you needed with assured service levels and response times.

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