We’ll take care of all your IT so you can get on with growing your business

Helpzona is your virtual IT Department. We provide complete managed IT services and support. We will ensure that your business IT is secure, backuped and operable. By business IT we mean we will ensure that your business process is functional.

After you’ve contacted us and described your business to us, we’ll contact you and start the procedure of connecting all your computers into our network for easy accessibility reasons. So whenever problem occurs we can simply connect to that device to address the issue.

You will be assigned a virtual administrator who will look after your business.

Virtual administrators role is to ‘keep an eye’ on your IT. That means that we will look after all your computers, servers, networking along with website & email administration if necessary.

We may also include Office 365 into the mix.

We will also provide you with a professional antivirus and firewall protection.

Together we will craft an business backup plan for your company and protect your crucial data.

We can look after of all your IT business aspects for you.

Outsourcing remote IT support services is a smarter way of resolving computer related issues. Majority of todays computer problems are software related and all of these can be sorted out remotely via Helpzona.