Common Mistakes you should avoid with your new PC

From my personal experience as an system administrator, this is the list of the most common mistakes I’ve encountered in the past. Please, don’t repeat them !

When you purchase a new PC, it’s a good idea to educate yourself what you should buy and how to take care of it. Along with other well-known mistakes – such as not maintaining your PC properly and clicking on random advertisements – avoiding these three common mistakes can ensure you have a healthy computer in the long run.

PC Memory & CPU

I had to name this paragraph pc memory as I feel that this is the most common mistake users do when they get a new pc. They all do lack hardware memory. So, be sure to get at least 8. gb of RAM memory. Also, don’t be cheap when ordering a new CPU, altough these new CPU’s all are decent and you “literally” can’t miss with them.

Storage capacity

Vast majority of computers I’ve repaired over the past had problems with storage capacity. So, in order to prevent such incidents with your new PC, be sure to get an additional HDD to store your pictures, videos and your other important data. When I speak of an additional HDD I am reffering to the mechanical one, as I am thinking you’ll get an SSD as a primary HDD on which you’ll OS will be installed.

Small screen

Altough this one isn’t a “mistake”, I feel like it is. When purchasing a new pc be sure to get a large monitor to go along. At least 21’’ size. Don’t save money on this one. Your productivity will be better – and your eyes  will be grateful.


Computers are one of the few things that deprecieates more rapidly than cars. You can get a $4,000 computer brand new, and then in just few short years you can’t get even 15. % out of that price.

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