Windows 95 Eastern Egg

Discovered 25. years hidden Easter Egg in Windows 95.

You’d think we have discovered all Easter eggs in operating system which is more then 25. years old by now, but you’ll be surprised…

In computer software, Easter eggs are secret responses that occur as a result of an undocumented set of commands. The results can vary from a simple printed message or image to a page of programmer credits or a small video game hidden inside an otherwise serious piece of software.

WINDOWS 95 Easter Egg

A computer programmer was reverse engineering windows 95 OS when he accidentally found a hidden Easter egg in Windows 95 Internet
Mail application, 25. years after the software was released.
Easter eggs are always fun to find as they provide a small glimpse into the software developments process.
Before this discovery, there is no known mention of this Easter egg, meaning it has remained undiscovered for close to twenty-five years.
“It’s never too late to find Easter eggs. Happened to notice what looks like a never before seen Easter egg in Windows 95’s / IE4’s Internet Mail. You have to open its About window, select one of the files, and type MORTIMER. Names of the program’s developers will start scrolling” Albacore tweeted.
Albacore is developer who has discovered it, by accident as he says.
To access the Easter egg, users need to launch Internet Mail, click Help, and then About. When About screen opens, click on the listed cometl32.dll file, so it becomes highlighted, and then type MORTIMER on your keyboard.
After typing, a small window will be displayed that will start listing all the developers who have worked on this project.
Windows 95 Team and NT4 Team Easter eggs

In addition to the Easter egg found in Internet Mail, Albacore also shared a video of a previously known Windows 95’s Product Team Easter egg that lists all of the operating system’s developers.

Albacore told us that the final version of this Easter egg could be launched by creating a folder named “and now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for”, then renaming it to “we proudly present for your viewing pleasure”, and finally renaming it to “The Microsoft Windows 95 Product Team!”

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